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  • Q1
    Sania could resist almost anything, but chocolate was her Achilles heel.Te allusion refers to Sania's
    using chocolate on her heels
    being able to resist chocolate
    weakness for chocolate
  • Q2
    Villains can't stand Superman. Superman is their nemesis.
    Superman is their enemy.
    Superman is their friend.
    Superman is a very strong.
  • Q3
    After she asked her husband to take out the trash, he accused her of being a harpy.
    a woman who shoots harps.
    a woman who nags all the time.
    a beautiful woman
  • Q4
    The symbol on the Gatorade bottle probably alludes to...
    Question Image
    Apollo, the God of music
    Jove, the happy God
    Zeus, the God of War.
  • Q5
    The boxer ended up like the Titanic, he was huge and got knocked down. What does this allude to in Greek mythology?
    The first Gods called Titans, huge and almost unstoppable.
    The ship the Titanic
    The movie, "Remember the Titans"
  • Q6
    Which sentence is an allusion?
    He looks like Hercules.
    His Herculean strength allowed him to lift the car off of the boy's foot.
    "I just saw the movie Hercules!, the little boy shouted.

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