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Alondra - Anne Frank

Quiz by Anabel Gonzalez

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following would the Van Daans NOT do as they settle themselves in their room?
    Hang their clothes
    Put on their coat
    Remove their shoes
    Put away their suitcase
  • Q2
    The Star of David was a symbol that ________________ the Jewish people so they could be easily recognized.
    Longed for
  • Q3
    Which of the following did Anne refer to as peculiar?
    Jewish Secondary
    Summer Boarding House
    A Diary
    Bread & Butter
  • Q4
    Anne did not like wearing overshoes, but her mother made her wear them to keep her feet
  • Q5
    Why does Anne think that the Refuge Committee is very ingenious?
    They are offering Anne piano lessons.
    They are going to tell the Nazis where the Frank family is hiding.
    They came up with a letter idea to get news to Mr. Van Dijk.
    They will deliver food every Monday.
  • Q6
    Why must the Frank family have their things hidden surreptitiously?
    If Anne's mother finds the overshoes, she must have to wear them every day.
    It is the only way they can listen to music.
    If it is not a secret the Nazis will find them and they will be killed.
    Peter is upset that Anne is so popular.
  • Q7
    Because Anne has inherited a coat from Margot, we can assume that Margot is
  • Q8
    If Mr. Frank persuades Anne and Margot to lie down, he
    convinces them to rest.
    gets them comfortable
    tells them to eat bread and butter.
    asks them to get settled.
  • Q9
    Peter's cat, Mouschi, is a tom, which means it is
    a sick cat.
    a male cat.
    a female cat.
    a small cat.
  • Q10
    Peter refers to himself as a lone wolf because
    he is feels lonely now that he is in hiding.
    he is the most popular guy at the Jewish school.
    he has long hair.
    he stays apart from other students at school.

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