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Amendment Checkpoint Quiz

Quiz by Sara Leigh-Manuell

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    some powers are reserved for the states
    10th amendment
  • Q2
    This freed all slaves after the Civil War.
    13th amendment
  • Q3
    Everyone born in the United States is considered a U.S. citizen
    14th amendment
  • Q4
    This gave African American men the right to vote.
    15th amendment
  • Q5
    This gave women the right to vote.
    19th amendment
  • Q6
    freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition
    1st amendment
  • Q7
    This gave all 18-year olds the right to vote
    26th amendment
  • Q8
    right to bear arms (right to own weapons)
    2nd amendment
  • Q9
    protects our rights to not have to allow soldiers to live in our homes during war time
    3rd amendment
  • Q10
    protects you from illegal searches and seizures
    4th amendment
  • Q11
    "You have the right to remain silent"
    5th amendment
  • Q12
    you have the right to a fair and speedy trial
    6th amendment
  • Q13
    all lawsuits over $20 should have a jury trial
    7th amendment
  • Q14
    your bail must be reasonable for the crime committed
    8th amendment
  • Q15
    We have more rights than the ones listed in the Bill of Rights
    9th amendment

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