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Amendments 11-18

Quiz by Ladonna Mielke

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Election of President and Vice President; Provides that memebers of the electoral college, vote for one person as president and one person as vice president
    12th Amendment
  • Q2
    Abolition of Slavery; Civil War amendment
    13th Amendment
  • Q3
    Civil Rights; 2nd war amendment - slaves receive citizenship and protection of due process
    14th Amendment
  • Q4
    African American Suffrage. 3rd Civil War amendment; African American males receive the right to vote
    15th Amendment
  • Q5
    Income taxes; Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes
    16th Amendment
  • Q6
    Direct election of senators; The states have the power to directly elect senators to represent them
    17th Amendment
  • Q7
    Prohibition of Liquor; ( 1919 ) Forbade people to make, sell or transport liquor
    18th Amendment
  • Q8
    Prohibits people from suing the State in Federal courts. This is called Sovereign Immunity. It also extends to foreign governments and the Federal government.
    11th Amendment

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