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Amendments 2

Quiz by Stephanie Corley

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    5th amendment
    Alex is on trial for a crime. One of the lawyers wants to put Alex on the stand and make him answer questions. Which amendment says that Alex does not have to do this if he does not want to?
  • Q2
    4th amendment
    The police believe the Joe has broken the law. They want to go inside Joe's house to see if they see anything to prove Joe is guilty of a crime. However, the___________________________________ says they cannot do that
  • Q3
    1st amendment
    Sally stood on the steps of the White House protesting that government was unfair. What amendment allowed Sally this right?
  • Q4
    6th amendment
    John was arrested for robbing a bank. He has the right to a jury trial according to which amendment?
  • Q5
    2nd amendment
    Jane went to a local store to purchase a gun. The employee said she wasn't allowed to buy one. Jane argued that she had the right according to which amendment
  • Q6
    3rd amendment
    Kim heard a knock on the front door. It was a military officer wanting to spend the night. Kim said that was part of her duties as a good citizen. Which amendment is she referring to?
  • Q7
    7th amendment
    Craig's neighbor borrowed his rake and and broke it. The neighbor told Craig he wouldn't buy him a new one because it was a piece of junk. Craig told the neighbor he was going to sue him for the cost of the rake. Which amendment gives Craig the right to sue his neighbor even for a small amount?
  • Q8
    8th amendment
    Lana was going 30 miles over the speed limit. She was arrested for excessive speeding. The police officer said he hoped she would be locked up for a month. Lana knew she wouldn't because that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment according to which amendment?
  • Q9
    9th amendment
    Janet is planning a vacation to another country. Which amendment gives her the right to travel?
  • Q10
    10th amendment
    Georgia passed a law about speed limits on highways. Which amendment gives Georgia legislature the right to pass laws?

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