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Quiz by mark clendaniel

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is NOT guaranteed by the First Amendment?
    Freedom to petition the gov't
    Freedom of Speech
    Freedom to bear arms
    Freedom of Assembly
  • Q2
    Which group would be most likely to be a big supporter of the Second Amendment?
    The National Rifle Association
    The Cast of Impractical Jokers
    The American Civil Liberties Union
    The League of Women Voters
  • Q3
    If someone in court intends to "plead the Fifth," they are intending to do what?
    Admit that they are guilty
    Order Value Meal #5 from Wendy's
    Refuse to answer
    Explain that they were insane at the time of the crime
  • Q4
    Which Amendment to the Constitution reserves all unwritten rights to the States?
    the Thirteenth
    The Twenty-first
    the Second
    the Tenth
  • Q5
    Which of the following groups gained the right to vote first?
    Intelligent machines
    White women
    Black men
    Black women
  • Q6
    Which amendment was a direct cause of the rise in power of organized crime in the U.S.?
    Congressional Pay
    Civil Rights
    Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
  • Q7
    According to the Sixth Amendment, what two adjectives describe how a trial must be conducted for people accused of crimes?
    Speedy and Public
    Quiet and Unoffensive
    Serious and Calm
    Cheap and Fast
  • Q8
    If someone claimed that they were being punished for a crime in "cruel" or "unusual" ways, then he would be saying that his rights under what amendment had been taken away?
    the Eighth
    the Twenty-first
    the First
    the Fourteenth
  • Q9
    In 1913, an Amendment was passed that allowed the government to tax what?
    the exports of oil
    the big companies in the U.S.
    the production of alcohol
    the income of citizens
  • Q10
    Which Amendment effectively repealed another Amendment?
    the Seventh
    the Eighteenth
    the Twenty-fourth
    the Twenty-first
  • Q11
    Which Amendment was a direct result of the old Quartering Act that King George had forced on the colonies before the Revolutionary War?
    the Thirty-fifth
    the Tenth
    the Sixth
    the Third
  • Q12
    According to Amendment#4, the people have a right to be protected against "unreasonable" what?
    search and seizure
    taxes and fees
    haircuts and diets
    neighbors and friends

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