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America: The Story of Us Review

Quiz by Wilbert Ochoa

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    Question Image
    George Washington
    Thomas Paine
    John Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q2
    The Continental Congress members that signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 could be tried for this crime.
    Question Image
    Texting while driving
  • Q3
    What document inspired the soldiers to fight harder because it included rights for all Americans?
    The Mayflower Compact
    Treaty of Paris
    The Declaration of Constipation
    Declaration of Independence
  • Q4
    What happened to Patriots captured by the British at the Battle of New York?
    They were all tried and hung for treason.
    They were released if they promised to not fight the British again.
    They were put on prison ships that had horrible conditions.
    They were sent on ships to Canada to stand trial for treason.
  • Q5
    True or False: More soldiers died in actual battles than those that died on prison ships during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Q6
    What advantages did Daniel Morgan’s riflemen have?
    They attacked at night time
    They had a UAV telling them where the soldiers were.
    They had spies in the British army that let them know where they were at all times
    They knew the land and their long rifles were better than the muskets the British had.
  • Q7
    Why did they kill the Native scouts first?
    To eliminate British knowledge of the terrain
    They were the easiest to spot since they weren't wearing redcoats
    They wanted to get rid of the leaders of the British Army
    They were the easiest to kill
  • Q8
    What type of warfare did Daniel Morgan use that is VERY OFTEN used by a country that has been invaded and is outgunned?
    Guerrilla Warfare
    Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare
    Chemical Warfare
  • Q9
    What rule did the rebels break? Why?
    The rule of attacking the women during the fighting
    The rule of taking turns in battle
    The rule of not allowing a break in the battle for tea time.
    targeted British officers – to leave the soldiers leaderless
  • Q10
    What happened after Burgoyne surrendered?
    The Colonists lost the War to the British because they were no match for the superior power of the British army and navy.
    France joined the war on America’s side, forcing the British to fight a two-front war (land & sea)
    The war ended in a tie.
    The war was over because the British were no match for the superior power of America
  • Q11
    True or False: Life at Valley Forge was great for the colonial soldiers.
  • Q12
    Who was the individual that helped George Wasington and the soldiers at Valley Forge?
    Question Image
    Alexander Hamilton
    Joseph Plumb Martin
    Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q13
    Why was Von Steuben such an important leader for the colonists?
    Question Image
    He ensured the army was disciplined and ready to fight despite the hard times at Valley Force
    He was a British spy able to tell the colonist what the British plans were
    He took over the army from George Washington and led them to victory
    He showed George Washington where the British were hiding.
  • Q14
    How did Washington get the message that ships were coming to attack the French?
    Question Image
    Via his spy network, using invisible ink and moving from one agent to another, buried, then signaled via laundry.
    He used the free wifi in New York to send messages.
    He used underground tunnels to let people know what is going on during the war.
    He used pigeons to send secret messages across the country.
  • Q15
    What was George Washington's Plan to defeat the British at Yorktown?
    Question Image
    Use the underground tunnels to sneak attack the British.
    Have the French use the UAVs to let the colonists know where the British are.
    Use the colonial Navy to defeat the British
    capture the British redoubts and turn the captured cannons on Yorktown

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