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American Colonies

Quiz by Aprile Steel

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  • Q1
    After 1618, the Virginia Company's principal means of attracting new settlers was
    payment of passage by the company.
    a system of land grants.
    liberal suffrage requirements.
    the granting of religious freedom.
  • Q2
    The House of Burgesses and the Mayflower Compact both reflect the ideas of _________ that the Western Europeans brought with them to the New World.
    Religious toleration
    Capitalist Theory
    Columbia Exchange
    Representative government
  • Q3
    How did geography influence the economy in the Mid-Atlantic/Middle colonies?
    The short growing season allowed colonists to grow many types of grains.
    The many natural resources available drove colonists to focus on agriculture.
    Poor soils and rocky hills caused colonists to import most of their grains.
    Different land types allowed colonists to export crops and other goods.
  • Q4
    The earliest large cities in Colonial North America were located
    in the Southern Colonies.
    along bodies of water.
    in New York and New Hampshire.
    in the Piedmont Colonies.
  • Q5
    The first financially successful English colony in the "new world" was
  • Q6
    The Navigation Acts The first of these was passed in 1651, with the primary rule that no goods grown or manufactured in Africa, the Americas, or Asia could be brought into England except in English vessels. Additionally, goods from any European country imported into England must be brought in British ships or in the ships of the country that produced them. In 1660, a more infamous part of this act was passed. It forbade importing goods into or exporting goods out of the British colonies unless British ships were used in the process. Additionally, certain products such as cotton, sugar, & tobacco could not be shipped to any country except England or to another English colony. According to the passage, which of these choices would have been ILLEGAL in the late 1600s?
    A trader in London purchases wine directly off of a ship from the southern coast of France.
    A farmer in Georgia trades food goods with a shipbuilder in Massachusetts.
    A planter in the Virginia Colony trades tobacco to a South Carolina plantation owner for cotton.
    A merchant in the Maryland Colony unloads fur from a Spanish ship in exchange for corn.
  • Q7
    Quakers are associated with
    North Carolina
    New York
  • Q8
    Which of the following was the main purpose of the Navigation Acts?
    To regulate the slave trade
    To guarantee that England alone would profit from trade with the colonies.
    To promote trade among the colonies
    To raise revenue for governing the American colonies
  • Q9
    Powhatan and Bacon’s Rebellion are connected because they both relate to which colonial issue?
    taxation without representation
    issues with Native Americans
    formally declaring independence
    religious tension in the colonies
  • Q10
    The Middle Passage forever transformed American society by
    introducing the first Puritan settlers to New England.
    providing a quick trade route for American merchants.
    bringing millions of Africans to America for slavery.
    allowing the first British settlers to arrive in Jamestown.
  • Q11
    The Virginia Company attracted new settlers to its colony after 1609 by?
    paying significantly higher wages than those prevailing throughout Europe.
    promising free land at the end of seven years' labor for the company.
    advertising the benefits of Virginia's healthy environment and comfortable living conditions.
    offering them a share of the company's profits.
  • Q12
    Anne Hutchinson's teaching threatened to undermine the spiritual authority of the established clergy because she?
    preached that the clergy was corrupt.
    stressed faith over good works.
    claimed believers could communicate directly with God.
    denounced clergymen who were also politicians.
  • Q13
    The Virginia House of Burgesses and the New England town meetings were similar in that they?
    were both responsible to the established church of the colony.
    were completely independent of colonial Governors.
    originated in a New England colony.
    represented colonial participation in government.
  • Q14
    One of the reasons for Roger William's banishment from Massachusetts Bay was his belief that?
    good works were essential to salvation.
    he challenged the role of the church in the government
    the church and the state should be linked.
    the king of England had no right to give away land belonging to the Indians.
  • Q15
    The differences in the economic development of the mid-Atlantic, New England, and Southern colonies can BEST be attributed to the
    level of the education of their citizens.
    geographic conditions there
    customs of the immigrants.
    differences in their colonial governments.

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