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American Download B2/ p,65-66 [5.1-5.33]

Quiz by Evita Rodriguez

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    "To be or not to be ..." is a famous ____________ from Shakespeare'sHamlet.
  • Q2
    The successful ___________ now owns 70% of the well-known software company.
  • Q3
    "It's raining cats and dogs" is an ______________ that means"it's raining very, very hard"; it has nothing to do with cats and dogs coming out of the sky!
  • Q4
    I wrote the letter, ____________, and then put it in an envelope.
    folded it over
  • Q5
    _____________for that rich man. If he sees something he likes, he buys it.
    money is no object
  • Q6
    The restaurant was full, but the rich woman gave the hostess a huge tip and, as if by magic, she was given a table in a few minutes, ______________
    money talks
  • Q7
    Did you know that he buys himself a new Ferrari every year? Talk about having _____________!
    money to burn
  • Q8
    Now that I'm working and realizing how difficult it is to support myself, I finally understand the expression, "________________."
    money doesn't grow on trees
  • Q9
    Every time she gets paid, she heads for the mall and spends most of her hard-earned money on clothing she doesn't need. It's like the _____________ in her pocket!
    money is burning a hole
  • Q10
    In times of economic crisis, having money in a ____________ helps to pay the bills.
    savings account
  • Q11
    Smart shoppers pay off their ____________bill at the end of every billing period to avoid high interest charges.
    credit card
  • Q12
    The ____________ look on her face disappeared as soon as she heard her daughter's voice on the phone.
  • Q13
    One of the main goals of personal ____________ is to make sure you have enough money to pay your rent and other bills, including food and electricity.
  • Q14
    If it rains, it will _________ our plans and everyone will be disappointed.
  • Q15
    You should ______________. You never know when you might need to pay for something unexpected
    save money for a rainy day

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