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American History I Unit 3 Review

Quiz by E. Cash

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31 questions
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  • Q1
    British practice to capture U.S. sailors and force them to perform tasks in British ships.
  • Q2
    Author of "Star Spangled Banner"
    Francis Scott Key
  • Q3
    Fort in Maryland that was under attack by the British for 25 hours.
    Ft. McHenry
  • Q4
    First lady who helped save important documents like George Washington's portrait before being burned.
    Dolly Madison
  • Q5
    Native American leader who received helped from Canada to fight against settlers moving West.
  • Q6
    General who became famous after winning the Battle of New Orleans
    Andrew Jackson
  • Q7
    President during the War of 1812.
    James Madison
  • Q8
    Line of ships sent to prevent other ships from entering or leaving
  • Q9
    1794 protest against the government's tax on whiskey by backcountry farmers. Showed strength of Constitution.
    Whiskey Rebellion
  • Q10
    1796 speech by Washington that a 3rd term would not be sought. warned to avoid political factions and foreign affairs.... stay neutral
    Farwell Address
  • Q11
    Led by Thomas Jefferson, believed people should have political power, favored strong STATE governments, emphasized agriculture, strict interpretation of the Constitution, pro-French, opposed National Bank
  • Q12
    Supporters of the U.S. Constitution at the time the states were contemplating its adoption.
  • Q13
    Gave the United States claim to most Indian lands in the Northwest Territory.
    Treaty of Greenville
  • Q14
    Treaty signed in 1794 between the U.S. And Britain in which Britain sought to improve trade relations and agreed to withdraw from forts in the northwest territory
    Jay's Treaty
  • Q15
    An insult to the American delegation when they were supposed to be meeting French foreign minister, Talleyrand, but instead they were sent 3 officials Adams called "X,Y, and Z" that demanded $250,000 as a bribe to see Talleyrand.
    XYZ Affair
  • Q16
    acts passed by federalists giving the government power to imprison or deport foreign citizens and prosecute critics of the government
    Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Q17
    Written anonymously by Jefferson and Madison in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts, they declared that states could nullify federal laws that the states considered unconstitutional.
    Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
  • Q18
    Election that led to a peaceful transfer of power from the Federalist Party to the Democratic-Republican Party.
    Election of 1800 (Revolution of 1800)
  • Q19
    separation of votes for President and Vice President
    12th Amendment
  • Q20
    Part of the First Amendment stating that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."
    Establishment Clause

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