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American Revolution

Quiz by Justin Smyth

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Why was the American victory in the Battle of Saratoga a turning point in the war?
    It discouraged volunteers from joining the Continental army.
    It convinced France to ally with the Americans.
    It scared the Spanish and French into supporting Great Britain.
    It persuaded the British to withdraw from America completely.
  • Q2
    This army was experienced and had a powerful army
  • Q3
    This army was inexperienced and did not have enough money for supplies
  • Q4
    What is an example of an uncommon tactic that Continental soldiers used against the British?
    The Continental army kept control of Boston because they knew the British wanted it.
    Continental soldiers seized Philadelphia in an attempt to force the British army into the open.
    Continental surprised its enemies in the middle of the night
    The Continental army used their better-trained troops to openly engage British troops in battle.
  • Q5
    The Battle of Saratoga was important because
    many countries decided to join the Americans to help defeat the British
    The Americans realized that they would never be able to defeat the British
    Americans were motivated again to fight
    The British surrendered to the Americans
  • Q6
    Two advantages that the Americans had were
    better supplies and personal involvement
    more experienced troops and better supplies
    fought close to home and more experienced troops
    fought close to home and had a personal involvement
  • Q7
    What serious problem did the Continental army face?
    Soldiers were British sympathizers and would not fight hard for the Americans.
    Washington was unable to get enough volunteers to serve in the army.
    Congress did not have enough money to supply them properly with uniforms and guns.
    Soldiers would not follow Washington because they were more experienced than he.
  • Q8
    What did the Treaty of Paris achieve in 1783?
    Great Britain gave the United States all of the land south of the Rio Grande.
    Great Britain returned control over Florida to France.
    Great Britain recognized the United States of America as an independent nation.
    Great Britain agreed to pay the American war debt in full.
  • Q9
    Why did the distance between America and Great Britain weaken the British in the war?
    British ships were not sturdy enough to travel across the Atlantic.
    Often the troops would get lost out at sea.
    The journey across the Atlantic was dangerous.
    B. It was expensive to transport supplies, and news was slow to arrive.
  • Q10
    This battled caused the surrender of the British army
    battle of Bunker Hill
    Battle of Trenton
    Battle of New Jersey
    Battle of Yorktown

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