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American Revolution (Flocabulary Quiz)

Quiz by Steven Jones

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What system did Paul Revere set up to signal that the British were coming?
    Question Image

    firing several shots

    wearing a red coat

    sending a boat down the Charles River

    hanging a lantern in a church
  • Q2
    Why didn't the colonists like the Tea Acts?
    Question Image

    They stated that the colonists could not grow tea in America.

    They raised taxes on tea.

    They gave the British a monopoly on selling tea.

    They prevented the colonists from exporting tea.

  • Q3
    How did the colonists get access to British ships during the Boston Tea Party?
    Question Image

    They attacked and killed the British guards.

    They pretended to be British soldiers.

    They dressed like Mohawk Indians.

    They paid the ship's captain to let them on.

  • Q4
    What was a major effect of the Boston Tea Party?
    Question Image

    The Declaration of Independence was signed.

    King George understood that the colonists were unhappy.

    All shipments of tea to America stopped.

    Paul Revere warned colonists that the British were coming.

  • Q5
    Which of the following was true about the Minutemen?
    Question Image

    They wore bright yellow uniforms with green stripes.

    They were not as well-trained as the British soldiers.

    There were more of them than British soldiers.

    They had trained as soldiers all their lives.

  • Q6
    What was Paul Revere trying to prevent the British from doing?
    Question Image
    stealing the colonists' ammunition and supplies

    passing the Tea Acts

    attacking the colonists' church

    shutting down Boston Harbor

  • Q7
    What was a direct effect of the Intolerable Acts?
    Question Image

    The French-Indian War began.

    Democracy in Massachusetts was restricted.

    Nearly 75 British soldiers were killed in Concord.

    Colonists dumped $70,000 worth of tea into Boston Harbor.

  • Q8
    Why were the Americans more successful at the Battle of Concord than at the Battle of Lexington?
    Question Image

    The British were wearing brighter red coats.

    The Americans had more help from Indians.

    The Americans used guerilla-style fighting tactics.

    The British were standing in straighter lines.

  • Q9
    Who joined Paul Revere on his ride?
    Question Image

    Sam Adams and William Dawes

    William Dawes and Samuel Prescott

    Samuel Prescott and John Hancock

    George Washington and John Hancock

  • Q10
    What instructions did Captain Parker give the colonists at Lexington?
    Question Image

    "Stay back and let them approach."

    "Hide behind trees and attack by surprise."

    "Fire at any Redcoats you see."

    "Don't fire unless you're fired upon."

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