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24 questions
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  • Q1
    After a census, states redraw political district boundaries. When boundaries are drawn to gain a political advantage, this process is called
    Question Image
    political mapping
  • Q2
    A Congresswoman gets a bill passed that is important for businesses in her district. and she wants to get the word out to tell people of the achievement, so she turns this member of her personal staff for help:
    Question Image
    press secretary
    Legislative Director
    Administrative Assistant
  • Q3
    After a bill is voted and approved by the House of Representatives, it is
    sent to the Supreme Court to review
    sent to the Speaker of the House
    sent to the President to sign
    voted on by the Senate
  • Q4
    The President proposes a budget spending plan, then
    Taxpayers must vote on it to get it approved
    Congress must approve it
    The Congressional Budget Office scores it
    it is sent to the state legislatures for a vote
  • Q5
    Wyoming, Montana and Delaware are three states that only have one Congressman each, meaning that member of Congress serves
    only registered voters in the state
    both citizens and undocumented residents
    the majority
    at large
  • Q6
    This resolution is used to take care of internal matters within the House or Senate, not affecting the general public
    concurrent resolution
    congressional resolution
    joint resolution
    simple resolution
  • Q7
    Which two individuals share the duty of presiding over meetings of the Senate?
    majority leader and minority leader
    vice president and president pro tempore
    majority leader and majority whip
    vice president and majority leader
  • Q8
    Who might you MOST expect to see talking with the President about a particular house bill?
    Majority Whip
    Senate President
    Speaker of the House
  • Q9
    A caseworker related information from
    constituents to members of Congress
    members of Congress to the President
    Senator to House members
    constituents to the President
  • Q10
    A power expressly given to congress in the Constitution is the power to
    declare war
    draft people into the military
    support welfare progrms
    prohibit racial discrimination
  • Q11
    The different between and appropriations bill and an authorization bill is that the first
    proposes to authorize a program needing money and the second actually allocates the money
    applies to national expenditures and the second applies to state expenditures
    is passed by the Senate and the second is pass by the House
    applies to internal expenditures and the second applies to external expenditures
  • Q12
    What type of bill deals with individual people or places?
    private bill
    joint resolution
    simple bill
    public bill
  • Q13
    Which is a key difference between the Senate and the House?
    In the Senate, more bills are passed than in the House
    In the Senate, each state has an equal voice during debate (two senators)
    In the Senate, bills on the floor must pass unanimously
    In the Senate, political parties have no significant influence.
  • Q14
    Which of these statements describes what happens to a bill in conference committee?
    Research is done on the bill and results are reported to another committee
    The bill is reviewed and testimony is taken on its content.
    The bill is revised based on input from members and the public.
    The differences between the two versions of the bill are resolved.
  • Q15
    Which of these is one duty of the standing committee chairman?
    decide whether or not to give a bill a hearing
    testify about the bill within the committee
    assign members to the committee
    control all meetings between members

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