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Amigo Brothers

Quiz by Michelle Kennedy

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  • Q1
    In "Amigo Brothers", what do both Antonio and Felix dream of becoming someday?
    the lightweight boxing champion of the world
    a boxing trainer
    the owner of a gym
  • Q2
    In the story, the source of conflict for both Antonio and Felix is
    finding separate places to train
    deciding who has the most fan support
    competing against each other for the title
  • Q3
    After the two friends find out they will be fighting each other, they decide to treat each other as
    training partners
  • Q4
    Felix and Antonio decide not to see each other before the fight because they want to
    work with different trainers
    focus on the training and not the friendship
    break off their friendship
  • Q5
    Which one of these quotes supports the idea that the boys were struggling with the conflict of having to fight each other?
    "They were so together in friendship that they felt themselves to be brothers."
    "His left hand was like a piston, pumping jab..."
    "But even when joking with each other, they both sensed a wall rising between them."
  • Q6
    What do Felix and Antonio both have in common throughout the story "Amigo Brothers?"
    Both boys have a long reach in the boxing ring.
    The both want to fight fairly and win.
    Both boys refuse to fight.
  • Q7
    "Antonio danced, a joy to behold. His left hand was like a piston, pumping jabs one right after another with seeming ease." What does this suggest to us about Antonio's fighting ability?
    The spectators love watching him fight.
    Antonio is going to win.
    He moves gracefully and punches quickly.
  • Q8
    From the story: "Rights to the body. Lefts to the head. Neither fighter was giving an inch." What does this tell us about the fight?
    Both fighters are the same height.
    Both fighters are doing their best.
    Both fighters are saving their strength.
  • Q9
    Why are so many people interested in the fight?
    Professional boxers are expected to participate in the championship bout.
    Fireworks and a laser light show are going to be put on after the fight.
    The boys are well-liked and respected. Each has his own fans.
  • Q10
    Antonio and Felix continue to fight after the final bell because
    each is trying to force the other to give up
    they are angry with each other
    they are completely absorbed in the fight
  • Q11
    At the end of the story, the announcer turns to point to the winner and finds himself alone in the ring. What does this tell us?
    The two boys are too tired to bother waiting to hear who won.
    Antonio and Felix care more about their friendship than about who won the fight.
    Antonio and Felix are relieved the fight is over and are going to their separate dressing rooms.

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