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Analysis & Technology Audit

Quiz by idaamiera

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is not for technology planning?
    Accordance with the development objectives
    System to achieve its future vision
    Include desired sponsor outcome, technology forecasting, schedule production
    Involve all parties
  • Q2
    Which is not considered as when a technology is ‘appropriate’?
    Suitable to the surroundings for which it has been develop.
    Regardless of high, medium and low
    Keep track on progress
    Ensure the resources fit the required technology
  • Q3
    Occurs when a company seeks to control distribution, retailing and post manufacturing activities is ?
    Vertical integration
    Forward integration
    Horizontal integration
    Backward integration
  • Q4
    Choose which is not the layers in a company (or in a product)
    Internal technologies
    Basic technologies
    External technologies
    Distinctive technologies
  • Q5
    Which is the correct sequence of technology planning framework?
    Make a technology forecast, develop the mission, put the plan into operation, identify actions for each person, analyse & forecast
    Develop the mission, analyse & forecast, make a technology forecast, put the plan into operation, identify actions for each person
    Identify actions for each person, make a technology forecast, analyse & forecast, develop the mission, put the plan into operation
    Make a technology forecast, analyse & forecast, develop the mission, identify actions for each person, put the plan into operation
  • Q6
  • Q7
    The steps technology audit process flow involve?
    Audit, Presentation, Preparation, Report
    Report, Audit, Presentation, Preparation
    Preparation, Presentation, Audit, Report
    Preparation, Audit, Report, Presentation
  • Q8
    Which is the criteria for the company to be audited?
    Operate at least 2 years
    Operate in 3 months
    Operate less than 6 months
    Operate in 1 year
  • Q9
    Which of these are not included in the SME definition?
  • Q10
    Below the technology audit framework are true except:
    Target Market
    Methods in Technology Management

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