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Anatomy revision

Quiz by Erine Fraser

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    what is adipose tissue?
    connective tissue made of fat cells
    connective tissue made of lymphoid cells
    epithelial tissue made of fibrous cells
    fatty tissue made of elastic cells
  • Q2
    where is adipose tissue found?
    between the epidermis and dermis
    a very thick covering around the organs
    below the muscle layer
    between the dermis and muscle layer
  • Q3
    what can be absorbed through the skin?
    collagen and elastin
    medication and fatty substances e.g. oils
    keratin and water
    UV light and melanin
  • Q4
    what does the skin produce in response to UV light?
    melanin and Vitamin D
    keratin and vitamin C
    elastin and vitamin D
    collagen and vitamin B
  • Q5
    what is secretion?
    to hide something
    removal of waste products
    production of a substance needed for a function e.g. sebum to lubricate the skin
    regulate fluid retention
  • Q6
    what is the function of the sensory nerve endings in the skin?
    to create a movement
    to send messages to the brain e.g. to help prevent damage or injury
    control digestive processes
    to regulate hormones
  • Q7
    what is the structure that secretes onto the surface of the skin?
    Question Image
    sebaceous gland
  • Q8
    what is the structure attached to the side of the hair follicle called?
    Question Image
    arrector pili
  • Q9
    which is the 2nd layer from the bottom called?
    Question Image
    stratum granulosum (granular layer)
    stratum corneum (horny layer)
    stratum spinosum (prickly layer)
    stratum lucidum (clear layer)
  • Q10
    which is the second from the top layer?
    Question Image
    stratum spinosum (prickly layer)
    stratum lucidum (clear layer)
    stratum germinativum (basal layer)
    stratum granulosum (granular layer)

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