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Ancient China Common Assessment

Quiz by Lauren Trench

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    What was the MOST beneficial ancient Chinese contribution depicted in the illustration?
    Question Image
    Provided protection from foreign invaders.
    Provided protection for traders on the Silk Road.
    Provided a place for military outposts.
    Provided jobs for Chinese citizens.
  • Q2
    What statement BEST describes the benefits of the Silk Road to Ancient China?
    Question Image
    It increased China’s overall wealth.
    It gained musical instruments from Persia.
    It gained cotton cloth from India.
    It gained glassware from Byzantine.
  • Q3
    Which of the following statements BEST describes the Silk Road?
    Question Image
    It was a short road covered with silk between the emperor`s house and his palace.
    It was a paved highway through central China used by the Ancient Chinese emperors.
    It was an established trade route between India and Europe.
    It was a number of trade routes that went between China and Eastern Europe.
  • Q4
    Which physical feature limited China’s interaction with their neighbors to the north?
    Question Image
    Gobi Desert
    East China Sea
    Taklamakan Desert
  • Q5
    Examine the map showing the spread of Buddhism. Which answer does ​NOT explain the importance of the Silk Road in the spread of Buddhism?
    Question Image
    The Silk Road allowed China to spread Buddhism to Japan.
    The Silk Road was instrumental in the spread of the idea of Buddhism.
    The Silk Road allowed Buddhism to spread into China from surrounding areas.
    The Silk Road allowed Buddhism to spread north from India.
  • Q6
    What some of Qin Shi Huangdi's greatest achievements that helped unify ancient China?
    Writing system, currency, started the Great Wall of China
    Started the Great Wall of China, believed in Confucianism and the Mandate of Heaven
    Writing system, Han Dynasty, Confucianism
    started the Great Wall of China, started the Han Dynasty, and currency
  • Q7
    Which belief system did Qin Shi Huangdi use in his government?
    Han Feizi
  • Q8
    What is the philosophy of Legalism?
    people are naturally good and need structure in their lives
    people are naturally bad therefore need to be taught Confucianism
    people are naturally good and will have respect and duty within their families
    people are naturally bad and need to be controlled through harsh punishment
  • Q9
    Who is the founder of Legalism?
    Han Feizi
    Shi Huangdi
  • Q10
    What are the main beliefs of Confucianism?
    Duty and respect among family will create unity among China
    balance with the ying and yang
    harsh punishment
    harmony with nature
  • Q11
    What emperor used Confucianism ideas in their government?
    Han Dynasty
    Han Feizi
    Shi Huangdi
  • Q12
    What famous dynasty ruled for 400 years and spread the idea of Confucianism?
    Zhou Dynasty
    Han Dynasty
    Shang Dynasty
  • Q13
    How did China and the rest of the world MOST benefit from the Silk Road?
    it allowed for an easy travel route
    people had to cross the Gobi Desert
    it helped protect caravans from invaders
    cultural diffusion = the process of sharing
  • Q14
    The Silk Road allowed for cultural diffusion to take place. What are some of the goods that China traded to other places along the route?
    silk, gunpowder, Confucianism, paper
    glassware, ivory, orange trees
    horses, carpet, music
    spices, glassware, gold
  • Q15
    Where did Buddhism originate, even though it spread through the Silk Road to many different areas of the world.

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