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Ancient China Post Test

Quiz by Rita

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Of all the countries in the world, China has the......
    most people.
    worst weather.
    largest area.
    longest river.
  • Q2
    Why did fewer people settle in Outer China than in Inner China?
    The land was in larger estates.
    The climate was more extreme.
    The invasions drove farmers away.
    The roads were more dangerous.
  • Q3
    What protected Inner China from invasion from the northwest?
    high mountains
    wide rivers
    grassy plains
    barren deserts
  • Q4
    Later in Chinese history, which of these geographical features made governing China as a unified state most difficult?
    its large size
    its different crops
    its long rivers
    its broad plains
  • Q5
    How did scholars learn that the Shang dynasty was real and not just a myth?
    They learned the language.
    They found artifacts.
    They asked Chinese elders.
    They read old books.
  • Q6
    What led archaeologists to conclude that the Shang believed in life after death?
    seeing pots used for ceremonies in the temples
    figuring out the characters carved into bones
    finding food and weapons buried with kings
    studying the position in which bodies were laid out
  • Q7
    Shang weapons were especially strong because skilled artisans made these objects from.....
  • Q8
    What have scholars concluded from the large number of wild animal bones found at Shang sites?
    The Shang rode elephants.
    The Shang kept livestock.
    The Shang feared animal attacks.
    The Shang were active hunters.
  • Q9
    What often happened to people the Shang captured in wars?
    They were given land to start new farms.
    They worked on construction as slaves.
    They married into the royal family.
    They learned skills to become artisans.
  • Q10
    For what purpose would a Shang leader most likely use an oracle bone made from a turtle shell?
    to make music for his family
    to send messages to the nobles
    to serve a ceremonial meal
    to ask advice from his ancestors
  • Q11
    In the later years of the Zhou dynasty, what conditions in China led to new philosophies?
  • Q12
    Which of these would Confucius have valued most highly?
  • Q13
    Which phrase best completes the following quotation? "I am a follower of Confucius. I am the oldest of three children in my family. My younger sister and brother have to obey me. In return, I ...
    can punish them harshly."
    may do whatever I want."
    have to grant their wishes."
    must set a good example."
  • Q14
    If you were a laborer, what would Confucius say that you should do?
    relax and stop working so hard
    behave properly for your role
    try to outwit those around you
    plan to rise to a higher status
  • Q15
    Daoists taught that people could gain happiness by
    reading the ancient texts.
    working hard to become wealthy.
    serving in government jobs.
    living in harmony with nature.

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