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Ancient Egypt

Quiz by Shelly Nagle

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  • Q1
    Where was ancient Egypt located?
    central part of Africa
    northeastern part of Africa
    western part of Africa
    southern part of Africa
  • Q2
    What is a civilization?
    a group of people living together
    an advanced society with lots of structure and organization
    a country with its own government
    a large city with many buildings
  • Q3
    Why were early civilizations often built near rivers?
    because they liked the sound of flowing water
    because of the water for crops and drinking
    because rivers were beautiful
    because they wanted easy transportation
  • Q4
    What river was ancient Egypt near?
    the Yangtze River
    the Nile River
    the Mississippi River
    the Amazon River
  • Q5
    What were pyramids used for in ancient Egypt?
    schools for children
    tombs for important people
    places for religious ceremonies
    housing for the pharaohs
  • Q6
    What is the ruler of ancient Egypt called?
  • Q7
    What were cats often mummified in ancient Egypt?
    because they were valuable
    because they were used for hunting
    because they were seen as sacred
    because they were considered pests
  • Q8
    What did the pharaoh of ancient Egypt have control over?
    only government decisions
    only the military
    only religious affairs
    everything and every aspect of life
  • Q9
    What did the pyramids symbolize in ancient Egypt?
    storage for food
    temples for worship
    tombs for the most important people
    the royal palace
  • Q10
    What made ancient Egypt one of the most powerful civilizations in the ancient world?
    its structure and organization
    its military strength
    its large population
    its access to natural resources

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