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Ancient Greece- Geography and Its Influence on People

Quiz by Candace Kennington

Grade 6
Social Studies
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Which product was one of the major products of both Ancient Greece and Greece today?
    Question Image
    all of these
  • Q2
    Using the map in the picture, which feature is a major feature in the land and geography of Greece?
    Question Image
    deserts and sandy areas
    large river valleys
    mountains, islands, oceans and seas
    areas of heavy forest
  • Q3
    Because Greece had many islands and lots of coastline, which activities would you expect to be important to ancient Greeks?
    Question Image
    shipbuilding and fishing
    metal working
    gold and jewelry working
    rock quarrying
  • Q4
    Which reading strategy did we practice when working with the class text?
    Question Image
    looking back and rereading
    eliminating choices
    All of these
    searching for evidence
  • Q5
    Based on what you can see and tell from the landscape of Greece, why would Greeks want to create colonies in areas near to them?
    Question Image
    they had too many trees
    they needed more farmland and areas for natural resources
    they had too many ships
    they did not have enough people
  • Q6
    The Greeks raised mostly goats and sheep instead of horses and cows. This was most likely because...
    these animals also liked olives
    their religion forced people to avoid horses
    the Greeks did not know about horses or cows
    these animals are smaller and tougher and can survive without much flat ground
  • Q7
    Based on the infographics, olives were probably a huge money making industry because...
    Question Image
    They could be used for many, many things
    Most people were not allergic to them
    They could be used for jewelry
    They were small

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