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Ancient India Quiz

Quiz by Julia Walker

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a subcontinent?
    land that is completely surrounded by water
    a flat area of land surrounded by water
    a large part of land that is part of a continent
    a low area of land between two mountains
  • Q2
    What is reincarnation?
    total piece
    the process of being reborn again and again
    a flower
    the way to reach Brahman
  • Q3
    What is karma?
    good or bad that happens as a result of a person's behavior
    Siddhartha Guatama
    a person's duty
  • Q4
    What is dharma?
    One's duty in his or her caste system
    the untouchables
    the process of being reincarnated
    the Sudras
  • Q5
    Here is a map of India that shows the Ganges and Indus rivers. Why they were important to the growth of the Indian civilization.
    Question Image
    They were man made.
    They provided water, a way to travel, trade routes, and rich, fertile soil for growing crops.
    They were yellow.
    They were natural barriers to outsiders.
  • Q6
    Which is the correct order of the caste system?
    Sudra, Brahmin, Kyshatria, Vaishya
    Brahmin, Kyshatria, Vaishya, Sudra
    Pharaoh, warriors, slaves, traders
    Cities, art and architecture, centralized government, writing
  • Q7
    Who was Siddhartha Guatama?
    The inventor of the sail boat
    The founder of Buddhism who believed that letting go of fame, wealth, and worldly pleasures was the only way to reach enlightenment
    The founder of Hinduism who believed that the only way to get out of a caste was to die and be reborn
    The inventor of the symbol for zero
  • Q8
    Here is a picture of Chandra Gupta Maurya, one of the greatest rulers of India. How did he make sure that his empire was secure?
    Question Image
    He converted to Buddhism because he did not like war and bloodshed.
    He wrote the Hammurabi Code.
    He fired all of his soldiers.
    He spied on his people and had them assassinated (killed) if they were not loyal to him.
  • Q9
    Who were the Aryans?
    warriors and priests
    a class of people who handled dead bodies, cleaned sewers, and cleaned streets
    People who invaded India, set up the caste system, and promoted Brahminism.
    The people who build the pyramids.

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