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Ancient Rome Unit Test Extra Credit Quiz 2

Quiz by Andrew Starowicz

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What did Roman roads help to improve?
    travel and trade
    the government
    moving water from one place to another
  • Q2
    Who was the first Christian emperor?
    Donald Trump
    Octavian Augustus
  • Q3
    Why were the Roman aqueducts important to the cities of the Roman Empire?
    The word was really fun to say aloud.
    They made travel and trade easier.
    They were used for entertainment.
    They brought water to the city from far away sources.
  • Q4
    Which brother, Romulus or Remus, was the founder of city of Rome?
  • Q5
    Who is Cleopatra?
    The pharaoh that allied with Julius Caesar and then Marc Antony.
    The only female emperor.
    The queen of Britain.
    The pharaoh that defeated the Roman Empire.

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