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Andrew Jackson Review

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Settlers and Native Americans continue to fight over land. What was the Indian Removal Act?
    Question Image
    Native Americans make decisions to remove settlers to gain law power.
    Letters from the President to Native Americans begging them to take lands in Canada.
    America makes treaties with Native Americans to move them to Indian Territory, west of the Mississippi River.
    Senate law giving money to Native Americans so they will become citizens.
  • Q2
    Native Americans took many different steps in response to the forced removal. Many even tried to assimilate. What does assimilate mean?
    Letting others know of success and triumph
    Using a variety of symbols to confuse
    Showing an intense force to demonstrate power
    Take on the ways of another culture to fit in and resemble them
  • Q3
    What was the forced migration of the Cherokee called?
    Question Image
    Willing Withdrawal
    Harvest of Hope
    Migration of Memories
    Trail of Tears
  • Q4
    Who was Lyncoya?
    Question Image
    Jackson's favorite slave boy
    Native American leader killed by jackson
    Name of Jackson's home in Tennessee
    Jackson's adopted Native American son
  • Q5
    During Jackson's Presidency, America was out of debt for the first and only time.
    Question Image
  • Q6
    Jackson saw the Bank of the United States as corrupt so he destroyed it. This later led to...
    Question Image
    a government of two presidents, the end of debt, and jobs.
    inflation, Panic of 1837, and a depression in U.S. economy.
    prosperity, fun new financial programs, and world happiness.
    thirteen new political parties, a public college, and trade.
  • Q7
    Which defines "nullify"?
    Question Image
    break, charge
    pull, blend
    reject, ignore
    build, bond
  • Q8
    Why did the Southern States dislike the Tariff of 1828, calling it the Tariff of Abominations?
    Question Image
    The South had to buy a lot of goods, tariffs made them cost more.
    Southern States made all of their own goods and tariffs put a limit on this.
    Southern States traded many different products and tariffs cut into trade.
    The South wanted larger taxes for better education, roads, and telegraphs.
  • Q9
    What was the doctrine of nullification, also known as states' rights, is...
    Question Image
    the power of a state to pass a needed law for their state and a neighboring state.
    the want of a state to use the land to their right for farming and trade.
    the opportunity for a state to make three federal laws based on their state's needs and wants.
    the ability of states nullifying, ignoring, federal laws they feel are unconstitutional.
  • Q10
    Secession is breaking away, withdrawing, from the United States. Why did South Carolina threaten secession?
    Question Image
    They were angry over having to follow the Tariff of Abominations and refused to pay.
    They had fewer representatives in Congress and wanted to choose ten more.
    They were angry that they did not get to have the Tariff of Abominations.
    They believed states should become king-states with a president per state.
  • Q11
    What was Jackson's opinion of South Carolina's secession?
    Question Image
    He felt that it was necessary and should be added to the Constitution.
    He felt it was not allowed in the federal states but could happen in the provinces.
    He felt it was important in order for America to grow and prosper in trade.
    He felt it was unconstitutional and would lead to disunity of America.
  • Q12
    What money amount is Andrew Jackson currently on but will be removed from in approximately the year 2020?
    Question Image
    $20 Bill
    $100 Bill
    $5 Bill
    $1 Bill

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