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Quiz by Khe Pham Thuy

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  • Q1

    What did Marteney do when she noticed a child was missing?

    She gathered up the other children.

    She stood barefoot.

    She ran back into the house.

    She ran outside.

  • Q2

    How did Marteney know what to do during the fire?

    She had training as an emergency medical worker.

    A firefighter spoke at her school.

    She saw a film about firefighters called “The Dragon Slayers”.

    She only acted bravely to save her friend’s brother.

  • Q3

    Rushing a sick person to the hospital is an example of rescuing someone from an accident. True or False?

    100% true

    Nah, not at all.

  • Q4

    Why did Aniak fire chief Pete Brown recruit teenagers for his emergency medical team?

    The experience gives the girls something valuable to do after school.

    Brown is a retired Vietnam medic.

    He found it easier to recruit high school kids.

    There weren’t enough adults in the department to do all the work.

  • Q5

    Why is Brown proud of the girl?

    Their level of training and competency is on par with adults.

    They maintain passing grades.

    They make 90 percent of the meetings.

    They do not use tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

  • Q6

    Erica Kameroff is rarely afraid  when she goes out on a emergency call. True or False?



  • Q7

    According to Lydia Hess, how does the Dragon Slayers compare to an EMS team from a larger city?

    The Dragon Slayers are so different from other teams that it is impossible to compare them.

    The Dragon Slayers are almost as good as a team from a larger city.

    The Dragon Slayers are better.

    The Dragon Slayers are as good as a team from a larger city.

  • Q8

    Why getting to the victims in arctic Aniak is far more challenging than in an average city?

    Because they can’t go to Anchorage.

    Because the Dragon Slayers can drive an ambulance to the scene of an emergency.

    Because Aniak is a landlocked village surrounded by rivers.

  • Q9

    What do they  do after having a really hard call?

    All of the above

    They meet at the fire station.

    They do a group hug and go for a walk.

    They talk to each other.

  • Q10

    What are the opportunities the members of the Dragon Slayers have?

    They want a job unloading and loading planes.

    They all become medic rescue swimmers.

    They go on to related careers.

    They all leave Aniak.

  • Q11

    What happens when the alumni of the Dragon Slayers move on?

    They will be granted a full scholarship.

    They will be replaced by a younger group.

    They will get summer job working at a retirement home

    They will do another training.

  • Q12

    The experience of being a Dragon Slayer helps its graduates succeed by…

    Promising them a scholarship

    Teaching them things about emergency medical work.

    Giving them the confidence

    Giving them each a job at the Aniak Fire Deparment


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