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Animal Farm Midterm

Quiz by Heather Hook

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    The pigs plan the animal rebellion against Mr. Jones very, very carefully with everything planned out.
  • Q2
    What does Napoleon teach the sheep to bleat at the end of the book?
    "Four legs good, two legs better!"
  • Q3
    A donkey. Guided by a skeptical philosophy that life will always be difficult and painful, He is not surprised when the pigs corrupt the revolution and transform Animal Farm into a totalitarian state. Dear friends with Boxer.
  • Q4
    What is the name of the celebrations Napoleon begins to hold in Chapter 9?
    Spontaneous Demonstrations
  • Q5
    A horse. She is a gentle, motherly, and powerful mare, who supports the revolution, but becomes dismayed by the direction it takes under Napoleon. Yet she has neither the will nor the personality to resist the pigs.
  • Q6
    Squealer explains that "Beasts of England" should no longer be sung for which reason:
    The rebellion is over and it was a song of the rebellion.
  • Q7
    After something happens to Old Major in Chapter 2, what do the rest of the animals prepare for?
  • Q8
    Why does Squealer tell the animals that the pigs are constantly doing secret work?
    To keep them content
  • Q9
    What does Old Major wish to share with the other animals in Chapter 1?
    His dream
  • Q10
    A pig. One of Old Major's main disciples. He is lively, original, and intelligent, but he is less shrewd in the ways of power. He values the ideals of the revolution more than others do. He "leaves" the farm.
  • Q11
    A pig. He creates the ideas behind Animalism and inspires the other animals to rebel. As a prize boar, he has lived a relatively privileged life among the animals.
    Old Major
  • Q12
    The basic, underlying cause of the trouble between Napoleon and Snowball is:
    Napoleon resents Snowball's inventiveness
  • Q13
    What do Squealer's lists indicate?
    that the animals lives are better and are still getting better
  • Q14
    What does Old Major insist in Chapter 1 that animals will no longer need to do?
    Support humans
  • Q15
    The owner of the neighboring farm of Pinchfield. A vicious, cruel, and calculating man.
    Mr. Frederick

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