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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following best describes Anthropology?
    . It involves social factors that shapes individual actions of social interactions.
    It is a discipline pejoring labelled as, "child of colonization"
    . It problematizes the unjust result of the exercise of power.
    . It is a science that deals with the past human life activities by studying material remains such as fossils
  • Q2
    The following are the reasons why we should study Anthropology except:
    because it is in the syllabus and is required by the curriculum
    because it helps us to differentiate and criticize human beings
    because it is interesting and helps us to reminisce
    because it helps us to learn more about human differences
  • Q3
    The year of existence of Anthropology.
  • Q4
    How does Anthropology differ from Social Sciences such as economics and sociology?
    Anthropology is more important than the other social sciences
    Anthropology tends to specialize in the workings in specific systems
    Anthropology is holistic and integration in its approach
    The other social sciences are holistic and integrative in their approach
  • Q5
    The following are NOT the definition of artifact, except?
    Something that has been continuously manufactured
    Any manufactured item
    Only something made by a human
    A work of art

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