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Antibiotics Year 11

Quiz by Charitha Pamidimukkala

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Some antibiotics are used in animal feed to reduce disease. What explains why these antibiotics should not be used in the treatment of human disease.
    Human cells may stop responding to these antibiotics
    Humans may be allergic to these antibiotics
    Pathogenic bacteria may develop resistance to these antibiotics
    Useful gut bacteria may be killed by this antibiotics
  • Q2
    2. Why is it necessary for a person with bacterial infection to be told to take antibiotics at spaced intervals
    to increase the concentration of antibiotic slowly to a level which is lethal to bacteria
    to maintain concentration of antibiotic in the body which is lethal to the bacteria
    to prevent the development of resistant strains of bacteria
    to select and kill the resistant strains of bacteria.
  • Q3
    3. Which statement is incorrect? Effective antibiotics
    Are useless against virus
    kill the pathogens
    kill the host cell
    Show selective toxicity
  • Q4
    Bacterial and fungal infections
    Need to be helped through transmission cycle
    Can be cured by antibiotics
    are always lethal
    Are non-infectious diseases
  • Q5
    . Bacteria must be cultured below which temperature to avoid the growth of pathogens?
    20 degrees C
    35 degrees C
    25 degrees C
    30 degrees C
  • Q6
    How is antibacterial resistance measured using disc diffusion?
    Area of clear area around disc
    Diameter of clear area around disc
    Colour change observed in susceptible strains
    olour change observed in resistant strains
  • Q7
    Which of these antibiotics inhibit cell wall synthesis?
  • Q8
    What is the mechanism which makes beta-lactams antibiotics, antimicrobial?
    Inhibit protein synthesis
    inhibit prostaglandin synthesis
    Inhibit RNA synthesis
    Inhibit DNA synthesis
  • Q9
    Why are bacteria becoming more resistant to antibiotics
    Bacteria are changing and evolving
    Antibiotics are becoming weaker
    Humans are becoming weaker
    Humans are using antibiotics incorrectly
  • Q10
    How does antibiotic resistance affect humans?
    Humans are catching viruses and diseases more frequently
    Humans are using less antibiotics
    Humans are getting less sick
    Bacteria are not effecting humans at all
  • Q11
    Broad spectrum antibiotics are good because
    None of the above
    They are really cheap to buy
    They cause antibiotic resistance
    They kill many different pathogenic bacteria
  • Q12
    Broad spectrum antibiotics are bad because
    None of the above
    They kill many different pathogenic bacteria
    They cause antibiotic resistance
    They are really cheap to buy

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