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Anti-Bullying Review

Quiz by Carmen

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What do you do to get a bully to stop?
    Bully others.
    Do nothing.
    Tell a trusted Adult
    Hit them back.
  • Q2
    What are some type of bullying?
    Reading, writing, and math
    All the above
    Verbal, Cyber, Physical, and Emotional
    Verbal, Celebrate, Emotional, unhappy
  • Q3
    What is bullying?
    A person hurting someone else.
    A person preparing for a race.
    A person eating food.
    A person reading a book.
  • Q4
    Why do some students bully? (best answer)
    Have positive attitudes.
    The need for power and being "in control"
    To make friends.
    They can't read.
  • Q5
    At Elkhorn, what activity takes place Monday morning?
    Stretching for 10 mins.
    Going to the Library.
    Olweus Meetings
    Reading in silent.
  • Q6
    What is the most common thing students report being bullied about?
  • Q7
    How do you recognize someone who bullies?
    Size. Bigger person always bullies smaller person.
    Age: Older kids pick on younger kids.
    Gender. Girls don't bully, only boys do.
    Behavior. They do something that hurts or harms another person.
  • Q8
    What should you do if you see bullying?
    Help get them away from the situation.
    Tell an Adult.
    Not join in.
    All the above.

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