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Anti-Nuclear Movement in NZ

Quiz by Lisa Te Haara

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  • Q1
    What agreement did New Zealand sign with the USA and Australia in 1951?
    EU agreement
    ANZUS agreement
    ASEAN agreement
    NATO agreement
  • Q2
    Why did many people in New Zealand oppose welcoming nuclear powered or armed ships into their harbours?
    They feared the ships would bring diseases.
    They were worried about their national budget.
    Nuclear weapons and nuclear powered vessels were part of the USA’s military approach and it was expected that NZ would welcome them.
    They were concerned about increased traffic in the harbours.
    They wanted to maintain their exclusive relationship with Britain.
  • Q3
    Which country did New Zealand primarily align with in terms of international relations prior to World War 2?
    United States
  • Q4
    What was the purpose of the ANZUS agreement signed by New Zealand, the USA, and Australia in 1951?
    To strengthen the relationship and cooperation between the three countries
    To acquire nuclear weapons for New Zealand
    To form a united front against nuclear weapons
    To promote free trade between the three countries
    To establish a military alliance against European powers
  • Q5
    Which event prompted New Zealand to seek new relationships and alliances after World War 2?
    The signing of the ANZUS agreement in 1951
    The arrival of nuclear powered and armed ships
    The end of World War 2 in 1945
    The development of New Zealand's own policies
    The strengthening of the relationship with the USA and Australia
  • Q6
    What was the main issue that arose from being part of the ANZUS agreement?
    The inability to pursue independent foreign policies
    The expectation to welcome nuclear powered and armed ships into New Zealand harbours
    The lack of support from Australia
    The increase in diplomatic conflicts with Britain
    The decline in trade opportunities
  • Q7
    What was the name of the agreement signed by New Zealand and the United States in 1951 to strengthen their relationship?
    EFTA agreement
    SALT treaty
    ANZUS agreement
    Bilateral Cooperation Agreement
    Pacific Alliance
  • Q8
    Which country regularly tested nuclear weapons at Mururoa and Fangataufa Atolls?
    United States
  • Q9
    What was the primary concern of New Zealand regarding nuclear testing and visits by nuclear armed or powered ships?
  • Q10
    What were some of the environmental damages caused by the nuclear tests conducted by France in French Polynesia?
    Boosted tourism, protected marine habitats, preserved cultural heritage
    Improved water quality, enhanced coral reefs, sustainable fishing practices
    Damage to the reef, subsidence, landslides, released radioactive pollutants, and poisoned fish
    Increased marine life, thriving ecosystems, biodiversity preservation
  • Q11
    From which decades onwards did New Zealand begin to oppose nuclear testing and visits by nuclear armed or powered ships?
  • Q12
    What was the stance of the National Party on the issue of nuclear armed or powered ships coming to NZ?
    They were indifferent and did not take a stance on the issue.
    They fully supported the total anti-nuclear policy from the beginning.
    They never changed their stance and continued to oppose the total anti-nuclear policy.
    They initially opposed the total anti-nuclear policy but later changed their mind and supported it.
  • Q13
    What were some concerns raised by those who opposed nuclear armed or powered ships in NZ?
    Economic implications of hosting nuclear ships.
    Concerns about the environmental impact of nuclear ships.
    Stepping away from important international agreements such as ANZUS.
    Fear of potential accidents and disasters involving nuclear ships.
  • Q14
    Which political party in NZ followed a total anti-nuclear policy?
    National Party
    New Zealand First Party
    Labour Party
    Green Party
  • Q15
    Which organization was planning to send its ship to French Polynesia to protest against the underground nuclear tests?
    Doctors Without Borders
    World Wide Fund for Nature
    Amnesty International

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