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AP Government Review Ch 1 and 2

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    The elimination of tax increases may result in ________.
    cuts to state and local government budgets
    increase to the budget of the federal government
    decreases in the national debt
    improvement to services that people have come to expect
  • Q2
    Democracy in the United States derives its powers from
    the Constitution
    the Declaration of Independence
    natural law
  • Q3
    A current issue the government faces today is a(n)
    decrease in the national debt
    decrease in global competition and foreign trade
    increasing gap in the income and wealth of individuals
    increasing high school graduation rate
  • Q4
    ___________ was defined by political scientist Harold Lasswell as "who gets what, when and how."
    Social Contract
  • Q5
    The struggle over power or influence within organizations or informal groups that can grant or withhold benefits or privileges is known as __________.
  • Q6
    The institution in which decisions are made that resolve conflicts or allocates benefits and privileges is now as ____________
    social contract
    separation of powers
  • Q7
    A leader rules under the belief that he or she has ultimate authority and that authority was conferred by God according to the __________.
    divine right of kings
    papal compact
    trinity doctrine
    theory of enlightenment
  • Q8
    The theory that individuals form communities by mutual consent giving up some of their individual liberty in order to gain the protection of government is known as _________
    social contract
    social contract
    political order
  • Q9
    The theory of Thomas Hobbes states that life without government __________.
    would be nasty, violent and short
    would be free of unnecessary intrusions
    is unnecessary, given man's inherent qualities
    would resemble the Age of Enlightenment
  • Q10
    ____________ theories that government is formed to protect life, liberty and property, but if government violates the social contract with the people, the people have the duty to end the abusive government and establish a new government.
    Thomas Jefferson
    Alexander Hamilton
    John Locke
    Thomas hobbes
  • Q11
    A well-known pop singer is driving while impaired at a high rate of speed. Law enforcement officers arrest the pope singer and Duo charges are filed. The case goes to court, the pop singer is found guilty and sentenced to two months in jail. This situation outlines the defining value within the government of ___________
    rule of law
    eminent domain
    habeas corpus
    social contract
  • Q12
    The set of ideas, values, and ways of thinking about government and politics that are shared by all citizens is known as
    a social contract
    political culture
    political socialization
  • Q13
    Well-known technology companies like Google, Yahoo, and eBay were founded by __________.
    immigrants, which exemplifies the positive aspects of immigration
    government bureaucrats, which exemplifies the reach of government
    Hispanics, which demonstrates a tremendous contribution to expanding the Internet
    libertarians, which underscores the need for freedom of speech
  • Q14
    the transmission of political culture to individuals through families, schools, houses of worship, and the media is known as political __________
  • Q15
    After 9/11 the government of the united States acted in a manner that ________.
    elevated the significance of both security and liberty
    dismissed the significance of both security and liberty
    emphasized liberty over security
    emphasized security over libery

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