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AP Govt Ch 4 Civil Liberties Questions #3

Quiz by Mark Stegall

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  • Q1
    The clear and present danger test is designed to determine when guarantees of which amendment can be limited?
    First Amendment
    Second Amendment
    Fourth Amendment
    Fifth Amendment
  • Q2
    Physician-assisted suicide has been _______
    allowed only in the state of Vermont
    deemed constitutional when a living will states a person's specific request to terminate life-sustaining treatment
    deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court under the right to privacy
    determined by the Supreme Court to be an issue best handled by each state
  • Q3
    After the Supreme Court's decision in Miranda v. Arizona, a few states and the federal government train to void the decision with legislation. The Supreme Court later revised Miranda and ruled that _____
    states could limit the Sixth Amendment provision of the Miranda decision, but not those of the Fifth Amendment
    states could limit the Fifth Amendment provisions of the Miranda decision, but not those of the Sixth Amendment
    Miranda was constitutionally based and could not be overturned by statute
    it had erred on the constitutional basis of Miranda
  • Q4
    Tinker v. Des Moines School District established the constitutional protection for __________
    silent prayer in public school
    censorship of high-school newspapers
    symbolic speech
    representational speech
  • Q5
    In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court held that states __________
    cannot limit a woman's right to seek an abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy
    can place significant restrictions on a woman's right to seek an abortion at any state of pregnancy
    can outlaw all abortions
    can outlaw abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy
  • Q6
    Commercial speech is usually _______
    defined as advertising stateements
    defined as the electronic communication of words or symbols
    defined as any form of expression for which the author is paid
    defined as any nonpolitical speech
  • Q7
    The case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey saith that states ___________
    cannot place an undue burden on a woman seeking an abortion
    can require a woman to undergo counseling designed to discourage the abortion
    can require a woman to notify her spouse before the abortion
    cannot outlaw aborition
  • Q8
    The exclusionary rule established by the Supreme Court supported the position that _____
    law enforcement officers must knock before they enter a house with a search warrant
    witnesses to a crime may testify for a trial on videotape rather than in person
    a suspect may withhold information from law enforcement offers when a lawyer is not present during interrogation
    evidence obtained that goes beyond the stated purpose of a search warrant may not be used in court
  • Q9
    The right to privacy is _______
    explicitly referenced in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution
    not explicitly referenced in the Constitution
    explicitly referenced in the Preamble to the Constitution
    explicitly referenced in Article X of the Constitution
  • Q10
    The view that most of the liberties and rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights are protected from state government actions through the Fourteenth Amendment's due process clause is known as the _____
    supremacy theory
    incorporation theory
    systemic exclusion scheme
    state restrictions exclusion
  • Q11
    The constitutional doctrine of prior restraint _______
    permits a judge to withhold information about a court case from release to the public or press
    involves protection of speech accompanied by peaceful demonstration or assembly
    requires a waiting period prior to broadcast during which government officials may review corporate advertising
    prohibits government agencies from trying to prevent publication of material by the press except under extraordinary circumstances
  • Q12
    In Aguilar v. Felton (1985) the Supreme Court ruled that state programs providing special educational services to disadvantaged students attending religious schools violated the establishment clause. Twelve years later in Agostini v. Felton (1997) the Court ruled the tAguilar was "no longer good law." What changed between 1985 and 1997?
    The solicitor general of the United States argued that Aguilar deprived disadvantaged students of their rights under the equal protection clause
    Six of the nine justices who decided Aguilar were no longer on the Supreme Court in 1997
    Two presidents lobbied the Supreme Court to Change it decision
    The solicitor general of the United state argued that Aguilar deprived disadvantaged students of their rights under the due process clause
  • Q13
    The Bill of Rights addressed the powers of the national government because _______
    state laws were supreme over those of the national government
    political parties had not yet been created
    state governments possessed absolute power
    people feared the potential tyranny of the national government
  • Q14
    Which of the following statements best describes the tension, as outlined in the First Amendment between the establishment and the free exercise clauses?
    School vouchers have repeatedly been found to be unconstitutional because they are used to fund private parochial schools with state tax dollars, a clear violation of the free exercise clause
    Teaching evolution has been found to be unconstitutional because it violates the establishment clause
    Public universities must allow religious groups to form on campus under the free exercise clause but may decide not to fund the groups because of the Supreme Court's prohibition, under the establishment clause, against supporting religion.
    The Supreme Court has ruled that, under the free exercise clause, students can use the public address systems at graduations and sporting events to lead school prayer
  • Q15
    A component of the Lemon test includes determining whether _________
    government involvement advances a particular religion
    the government has a compelling state interest
    the government has the ability to tax religious property
    governments can force businesses with strong religious ideals to provide birth control to employees

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