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AP Latin - Unit 2 - Establishing the Genre - Caesar De Bello Book 1.4 Clumps

Quiz by Robynn Hecht

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    ea res est Helvetiīs per indicium ēnūntiāta
    this situation is announced to the Helvetii through an informant
  • Q2
    Moribus suīs Orgetorigem ex vinculīs causam dicere coēgerunt
    by their customs they forced Orgetorix to plead his case from chains
  • Q3
    damnatum poenam sequī oportebat
    it was fitting/necessary for a punishment to follow him [if] found guilty
  • Q4
    ut ignī cremārētur
    that he be cremated with fire
  • Q5
    diē consitutā causae dictionis
    with the day of pleading his case named
  • Q6
    Orgetorix ad iudicium omnem suam familiam..undique coēgit
    Orgetorix gathered from all places to the trial all his family
  • Q7
    ad hominum mīlia decem
    to 10,000 people
  • Q8
    et omnes clientes obaeratōsque suōs...., eōdem conduxit
    and all his clients and debtors to the same place he led
  • Q9
    quōrum magnum numerum habebat
    of which he had a great number
  • Q10
    per eōs nē causam diceret
    through them so he would not plead his case
  • Q11
    sē eripuit
    he took himself away
  • Q12
    cum civitās ob eam rem incitāta
    when the state, incited because of this situation,
  • Q13
    armīs iūs suum exsequī conārētur
    tried to pursue its justice with arms
  • Q14
    multitudinemque hominum ex agrīs magistrātūs cogerent
    and the magistrate drove a large number of men from the fields
  • Q15
    Orgetorix mortuus est
    Orgetorix died

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