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AP Stats Chapter 8

Quiz by Corey Klein

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What type of graph is used to show the relationship between two quantitative varialbes
  • Q2
    The correlation r for the data in this scatterplot is
    Question Image
    near 1
    near -.5
    near 0
    near -1
  • Q3
    In the scatterplot , if each x-value were decreased by one unit and the y-values remained the same, then the correlation r would
    Question Image
    remain the same
    increase slightly
    you cannot tell
    decrease slightly
  • Q4
    In regression, the residuals are which of the following?
    possible models unexplored by the investigator
    the difference between the observed responses and the values predicted by the regression line
    those data points which were recorded after the formal investigation was completed
    those factors unexplained by the data
  • Q5
    What does the square of the correlation measure?
    the strength of the linear association between the variables
    the slope of the LSRL
    the intercept of the LSRL
    the percent of the variation in the values of y that is explained by the variation in the values of x
  • Q6
    Which of the following statements are true? I. Correlation and regression require explanatory and response variables. II. Scatterplots require that both variables be quantitative. III. Every LSRL passes through the mean of x and y
    I, II, and III
    I, and III only
    II and III only
    I and II only
  • Q7
    A local community college announces the correlation between college entrance exam grades and scholastic achievement was found to be -1.08. On the basis of this, you would tell the college that
    the college should hire a new statistician.
    the exam is a poor predictor of success.
    students who do best on this exam will be poor students.
    students at this school are underachieving.
  • Q8
  • Q9
    Suppose we fit the LSRL to a set of data. What is true if a plot of the residuals shows a curved pattern?
    Outliers must be present.
    A straight line is not a good model for the data.
    LSRL is a good fit.
    The correlation must be positive.
  • Q10
    The following is / are resistant to drastic, unusual data:
    correlation coefficient
    neither the least squares line nor the correlation coefficient
    both the least squares line and the correlation coefficient
    least squares line

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