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AP U1 - Vergil - 1.102-107 Clump Translation

Quiz by Robynn Hecht

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    to the one tossing around such thing
    Tālia iactantī
  • Q2
    a striding gust from the Aquilo
    strīdēns Aquilōne procella
  • Q3
    strikes the sail head on
    vēlum adversa ferit
  • Q4
    and raises the waves to the stars
    flūctūsque ad sīdera tollit
  • Q5
    the oars are broken
    Franguntur rēmī
  • Q6
    then the prow turns aside
    tum prōra āvertit
  • Q7
    and gives the side to the waves
    et undīs dat latus
  • Q8
    follows in a heap
    īnsequitur cumulō
  • Q9
    a towering mountain of water
    praeruptus aquae mōns
  • Q10
    these/some men hang on the top of the wave
    hī summō in flūctū pendent;
  • Q11
    to these a gaping wave
    hīs unda dehīscēns
  • Q12
    opens the land between the waves
    terram inter flūctūs aperit
  • Q13
    the tide rages with sand
    furit aestus harēnīs

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