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AP U3 2.575-587

Quiz by Robynn Hecht

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    the clear fires give light
    dant clara incendia lucem
  • Q2
    to (me) wandering here and there and casting my eyes through all things.
    erranti passimque oculos per cuncta ferenti.
  • Q3
    She because of overthrown Troy the Trojans hostile to herself
    Illa sibi infestos eversa ob Pergama Teucros
  • Q4
    and the punishment of the Greeks and the anger of her deserted husband
    et Danaum poenam et deserti coniugis iras
  • Q5
    fearing, and the common Erinys (Fury) of Troy and her homeland
    praemetuens, Troiae et patriae communis Erinys,
  • Q6
    had hidden herself and, hated, was sitting at the altars
    abdiderat sese atque aris invisa sedebat.
  • Q7
    Fires (of hatred) blazed up in my soul; anger arose
    Exarsere ignes animo; subit ira cadentem
  • Q8
    to avenge my (falling) fatherland and to exact wicked punishments.
    ulcisci patriam et sceleratas sumere poenas.
  • Q9
    Surely will this one unharmed Sparta and her native Mycenae
    'Scilicet haec Spartam incolumis patriasque Mycenas
  • Q10
    see, and, a triumphal procession having been created, will as queen go?
    aspiciet, partoque ibit regina triumpho?
  • Q11
    Will she see her husband and home and parents and children,
    Coniugiumque domumque patres natosque videbit,
  • Q12
    accompanied by a throng of Trojan women and Phrygian servants?
    Iliadum turba et Phrygiis comitata ministris?
  • Q13
    Will Priam have died by the sword?
    occiderit ferro Priamus?
  • Q14
    Will Troy have been burned by fire?
    Troia arserit igni?
  • Q15
    Will the Trojan shore so often be soaked in blood?
    Dardanium totiens sudarit sanguine litus?

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