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AP US Gov't Exam 2 Review

Quiz by Joe Pilakowski

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26 questions
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  • Q1
    The McCulloch v. Maryland case exemplified____.
    the creation and use of implied powers
    judicial review specified within the Constitution
    that the scope of the Necessary and Proper Clause created enumerated powers
    the growing power of the state governments
  • Q2
    Ultimate authority and trumping power is in the national government exemplifies ____.
    Authoritarian Government
    Presidential Government
    Federal Government
    Unitary Government
  • Q3
    Powers specifically expressed and granted to the national government by the Constitution are known as __________ Powers.
  • Q4
    The Elastic Clause __________.
    expands the power of state governments and reduces the power of the national government
    maintains the existing division of power between the national and state governments in the reserved powers it supports
    ties to the Necessary & Proper Clause
    contains a list of prohibited powers
  • Q5
    Powers not given to the Federal Government by the Constitution, are __________ as stated in the 10th Amendment.
    nonetheless retained by the federal government
    reserved to the states
    known as enumerated powers
    within the Necessary and Proper Clause
  • Q6
    Which of the following would Anti-Federalists most likely support?
    Enumerated Powers
    Implied Powers
    The 10th Amendment
    Supremacy Clause
  • Q7
    In Gibbons v. Ogden the Supreme Court __________.
    stated commerce cannot be said to transport of people
    ruled that Congress could not regulate commercial activities
    stated that the power to regulate interstate commerce is implied
    ruled that commerce should be interpreted broadly
  • Q8
    One of the earliest examples of Fiscal Federalism's categorical grants was ________.
    allowing states to borrow money at low interest rates to improve prisons
    transferring much of its military power to state militias
    providing grants to the states to assist in the financing of state education
    requiring the states to lower the drinking age to 21
  • Q9
    Categorical Grants __________.
    are preferable by the state governments
    were provided at their lowest levels during the Great Depression
    have been used to fund numerous programs by providing conditions that must be met
    are an example of dual federalism at work
  • Q10
    Federal legislation that REQUIRES states and municipalities to comply with certain rules and laws that are within federal authority are known as __________.
    revenue sharings
    block grants
    categorical grants
    federal mandates
  • Q11
    The transfer of power FROM the national government TO state and local governments is known as __________.
  • Q12
    A position that has been sought by liberals in regards to federalism has been to ____.
    utilize devolution
    roll back the use of enumerated powers
    use categorical grants
    block federal mandates
  • Q13
    A position that has been sought by conservatives in regards to federalism has been to _________.
    increase the use of implied powers
    increase the use of federal mandates
    the use of block grants
    stop the use of devolution
  • Q14
    If Texas enacted an immigration law claiming the legislation complemented existing federal law and it was challenged which clause would likely be used to say it was only federal power?
    Necessary and Proper Clause
    Supremacy Clause
    Commerce Clause
    Elastic Clause
  • Q15
    Which of the following is a good example of concurrent powers?
    Power of control of education
    Power to tax
    Power over elections and voting
    Power of interstate commerce

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