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Apartment Dudes

Quiz by Amanda Long

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Why will Jake and Cliff's rent be higher next year?
    They plan to move into a bigger apartment
    Rent always go up every year
    They got a lower, first-year rate.
  • Q2
    Why is it Jake and Cliff's own fault that they have a leak in their apartment?
    They did not look at the apartment before they rented it.
    They poked a hole in a pipe when they were moving in.
    They saw the leak before they moved in and moved in anyhow.
  • Q3
    Why did Jake and Cliff want to live in these certain apartments?
    They have friends who live there and will go to school near there.
    It is the only apartments they could find with openings.
    Their parents own the apartments so they won't have to pay rent.
  • Q4
    Choose the word that means; an agreement to rent
    down payment
  • Q5
    Choose the word that means to let go or put aside
  • Q6
    Say Cliff and Jake were making a pros and cons chart about their new apartment. Which item would be on the con's side?
    ceiling leak
    size of rooms
    amount of rent
  • Q7
    What is one of the main problems of a diet with too much fast food?
    bad tasting food

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