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APL Strategies Review

Quiz by Dallas Lewandowski

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    How much time should you devote to bell ringers at the beginning of your classes on Tuesday through Friday?
    1-2 minutes
    3-5 minutes
    15 minutes
    7-10 minutes
  • Q2
    Bell ringers should be ________% of review from the prior day's lesson.
  • Q3
    Which would NOT be an example of a topic for a bell ringer?
    Reading a new passage
    Sample test items
    A process to describe
  • Q4
    Which two things are considered the "heart" of the instructional objective?
    Conditions & Length
    Conditions & Performance
    Content & Behavior
    Performance & Behavior
  • Q5
    An ____________________ is a mental process where the learners are asked to search their past for information they have about that which is to be taught.
    Instructional Objective
    Exit Ticket
    Anticipatory Set
  • Q6
    What are the two critical keys to teacher/student success?
    Relationships & making kids look good in front of their peers.
    Confronting inappropriate behavior & giving mass punishments.
    Teachers leaving students to figure it out on their own and grade their own papers.
    Mutual interests and same personalities.
  • Q7
    How much time should you allow for wait time?
    8-10 seconds
    1-2 seconds
    13-15 seconds
    3-5 seconds

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