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Appearance and Uses of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Mixtures

Quiz by Michael Jan Lachica

Grade 6
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    When you combine refined white sugar and fine salt, two substances appear as one as they have the same color. What kind of solution is this?
    gas in liquid solution
    solid in liquid solution
    liquid in liquid solution
    solid in solid solution
  • Q2
    In your Science experiment, you dissolve sugar in water and it appears as one. The sugar particles can no longer be identified. But its chemical property retained and so the water taste sweet. What kind of solution is this?
    liquid in liquid solution
    solid in liquid solution
    solid in solid solution
    gas in liquid solution
  • Q3
    Homogeneous solution is a mixture that has uniform composition throughout. It can be solid to solid, therefore, which is an example of this solution?
    sugar and rock salt
    alloy of zinc and copper
    iron nail and steel wool
    gravel and sand
  • Q4
    Homogenous mixture has the same properties. You can no longer distinguish one component from the other. Which describes a homogeneous mixture? I. It is made up to two more substances which are physically combined II. It has a non- uniform phase III. It has a uniform phase
    I and III
    I and II
    II and III
    I, II, and III
  • Q5
    Your science teacher showed in the class a bowl of fruit and vegetables salad. Your classmate examines the mixture and was able to distinguish fruits from vegetables. Therefore you concluded that the mixture presented by your teacher is?
    Homogeneous Mixture
    Heterogeneous Mixture
  • Q6
    Oil spill in bodies of water is one of the problems that occur in selected areas of our country. What kind of mixture is oil spill in water?
  • Q7
    Let us assume that the composition of mixture varies from one component to another, with at least two phases that remain separated from each other, with clearly identifiable properties. This is a heterogeneous or _______ mixture?
  • Q8
    Washing your clothes and taking a bath are very important for us to be free from diseases and sickness. Which of the following mixtures do you use in taking a bath?
    perfume, lotion, soap
    bleach, soap, toothpaste
    water, muriatic acid, bleach
    toothpaste, shampoo, body soap
  • Q9
    In a solution of hot coffee, which component of solution is coffee powder?
    dispersing medium
    dispersed material
  • Q10
    You are given sugar in powder form to be dissolved in hot water with the following temperature. Infer which cup will it dissolve the fastest?
    Cup C - 75 degree Celsius
    Cup A - 60 degree Celsius
    Cup D - 80 degree Celsius
    Cup B - 70 degree Celsius
  • Q11
    If Albert wants to get the iron filings out of some sand, which of the following items below can he use to separate these two solids?
    filter paper
    bar magnet
  • Q12
    Sugar, coffee and milk dissolve faster in hot water. Which factor of solubility is described in the statement?
    size of solute
    nature of solute
  • Q13
    Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture; medicine is one of its examples. Why should medicine need to be shaken, as it is labelled “shake well before use”?
    To make the suspension turn into a solution first before getting a dose
    To mix in the powder drugs that have settled at the bottom.
    To make sure that flavours are mixed in so that it will not taste bitter.
    To make the suspension turn into a colloid first before getting a dose.
  • Q14
    You celebrated nutrition month in your school. You prepared different healthy dishes. Which among the food you prepared below is a good example of suspension?
    fried chicken
    pansit palabok
    tinolang manok
    grilled pork BBQ
  • Q15
    During recess time you and your classmate were eating burger with ketchup and mayonnaise. She remembered that these two are examples of colloid. She suddenly asks you to explain to her why these two are classify as colloid? Mayonnaise and ketchup are________.
    heterogeneous mixture that looks homogeneous.
    suspensions that look like solution.
    solutions that look like colloids.
    homogeneous mixture that looks heterogeneous.

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