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Appliance Protocol

Quiz by tyler roberts

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Our company has 72 business hours to order a replacement appliance.
    Question Image
  • Q2
    A release of liability form can be used in which scenario?
    Question Image
    The team has to coffin carry a fridge over a counter.
    Installing on a copper waterline per customer request.
    The stairway is tight and customer wants the team to deliver acknowledging the probability of damages.
    Connecting to an existing flex gas line for a range due to the team forgetting to stock up their red tote.
  • Q3
    With a Dishwasher the team can NOT install on a set up where there is a PEX water line with a Plastic Handle shut off valve.
    Question Image
  • Q4
    When installing a Dishwasher the team CAN install on a set up where there is a CPVC water line with a metal shut off.
    Question Image
  • Q5
    When it comes to HDA orders, we CAN install the plastic push-pull shut off valve with a permanently connected water line (crimped line).
  • Q6
    A team is in the home of a customer. While getting ready to install a range they discover the customer has a dryer outlet instead of a range outlet. What would be the appropriate action?
    Question Image
    Allow team to install, per the usual, but give them permission to switch the range cord for a dryer cord as the customer originally had. THE customer MUST sign a liability form.
    Advise the team to leave the unit in place and let the customer handle however they deem fit. Advise the team to write on paperwork the services they couldn't do and why.
    Offer to leave the order with the customer, but advise of the issue and suggest they contact an electrician for corrections.
    Immediately return the order to WH and cancel so the customer can get a refund since we cant service them.
  • Q7
    Upon delivery of a dryer, it was found the customer accidentally ordered an electric unit when the home is outfitted for gas, you should--
    Question Image
    Leave the unit in place or off to the side and notate the account, only.
    Advise the customer we can not install due to not having a gas line. Electric units don't come with gas lines.
    Advise the customer to cap off the gas and complete install, only issue eticket so there is proof of this exception that occurred.
    Advise the customer that we can not install it. Not only does a gas line not come with an electric unit but it poses a fire hazard. Suggest they reselect the propper unit or contact appropriate utility contractor.
  • Q8
    A team is in an area where it is dominantly believed that wearing shoes indoors is considered disrespectful, you should advise the team to...
    Question Image
    Wear shoes for their own safety.
    Should not have to advise the team of anything. They are from earlier with these locations and should be supplying themselves booties for this area.
    Deliver order to the garage only.
    Remove shoes so as to not be disrespectful in another person's home.
  • Q9
    A customer has a copper gas line, but there is a proper shut off valve. How should we proceed?
    Question Image
    We will not install on any copper lines which have gas no matter what kind of valve they have.
    Bring the unit back to WH, even if the customer wants the order to remain with them. Due to safety and liability issues.
    Complete install. Our teams are to focus on the type of valve rather than the type of line.
    Leave the unit in place for the customer to resolve on their own.
  • Q10
    While in a home, the team finds the customers SO valve for their fridge is located right below them in the basement. Is this within the policy to install?
    Question Image

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