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April updates

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  • Q1
    What is the title of the new Power BI visual introduced in the April 2024 update?
    100% Stacked Area Chart
    Scatter Plot
    Line Chart
    Donut Chart
  • Q2
    Which of the following features is NOT included in the storytelling update for PowerPoint in April 2024?
    Highlighting data inconsistencies
    Automatically populating slide titles
    Continuously refreshing live data
    Dropping down to see snapshots of data
  • Q3
    In the April 2024 update, the limit on the number of users for dynamic subscriptions has been increased from what number to what number?
    100 to 500
    None of the above, dynamic subscriptions were a new feature
    50 to 1,000
    250 to 750
  • Q4
    What is the purpose of the clear barcode button in the Power BI mobile app (April 2024 update)?
    To delete all barcodes associated with a report
    To scan a barcode and filter a report to show only relevant information
    To edit existing barcodes within a report
    To create a new barcode for an item
  • Q5
    Co-pilot is a new feature in Power BI Desktop (April 2024 update) that allows users to do what? (Select the closest option)
    Create and share dashboards with other users
    Set up and manage data connections
    Summarize their semantic model and suggest topics for reports
    Analyze large datasets in real-time
  • Q6
    Which of the following statements is FALSE about the 100% stacked area chart introduced in April 2024 update?
    It works similarly to the existing 100% stacked bar chart.
    It visualizes data distribution in 100% formats.
    It shows how data distribution changes over time.
    It requires users to worry about the overall total data.
  • Q7
    According to the video, what are some of the limitations of using Co-pilot in Power BI Desktop (April 2024 update)?
    It can only be used with premium or fabric capacity accounts.
    It may not be available in all regions.
    All of the above
    It requires additional software to be downloaded.
  • Q8
    What does Q&A refer to in the context of Power BI (mentioned in the video)?
    A question and answer forum for Power BI users.
    A subscription service that provides access to Q&A reports.
    A feature in Power BI that helps users find insights from their data using natural language.
    A type of visual in Power BI used for asking questions about the data.
  • Q9
    In the April 2024 update, what can users now do to adjust the transparency of line charts in Power BI?
    This feature is covered in a separate video by the channel and not discussed here.
    Users can adjust transparency through a new option in the formatting menu.
    It is not possible to adjust the transparency of line charts in this update.
    Transparency can be adjusted by using a slider tool in the chart properties.
  • Q10
    Which of the following features is NOT mentioned in the video as part of the April 2024 Power BI update?
    Enhancements to storytelling in Power BI Desktop
    New data connectors for social media platforms
    Increased file size limits for reports
    Integration of co-pilot with Q&A for improved natural language search

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