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APUSH Period 7 Test Prep Concept Guide

Quiz by Amy Burger

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  • Q1
    What did imperialists believe?
    It was their duty to stay out of foreign affairs
    It was their duty to bring American Values to other countries
  • Q2
    What was the purpose of the Roosevelt Corrollary?
    A “preventative intervention” would protect Latin American countries from outside influences.
    The US needs to stay out of Latin America
  • Q3
    What was the purpose of Social Darwinism in relation to Latin American Countries?
    Those who rule are more equipped than others
    Every man for himself
  • Q4
    Which piece of evidence most directly supports the cartoonist’s depiction of US foreign policy in Latin America?
    The Roosevelt Corollary
    The Monroe Doctrine
    Washington’s Farewell Address
    The Treaty of Ghent
  • Q5
    Which President during the 1800s was more likely to engage in territorial expansion?
    T. Roosevelt
  • Q6
    What did people opposed to interventionist policies believe?
    America should maintain a position as a global interventionist
    American industry must expand to compete against Europe
    America should avoid imperialist expansion
    America was morally obligated to spread Christianity
  • Q7
    Which of the following was an immediate cause of increased American influence in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands?
    The efforts of muckrakers to expose the ills of society
    American victory in the Spanish-American War
    American victory in World War I
    The closing of the American frontier
  • Q8
    Which of the following is most accurate about the Platt Amendment?
    Its contents most likely triggered war between the U.S. and Spain.
    It seems to be a reflection of the policy established in the Atlantic Charter.
    It endorses a policy of imperialism.
    It was most likely motivated by American nativist sentiment.
  • Q9
    What did the Espionage Act of 1918 Prohibit?
    Doing Anything against the US that would hinder the war effort
    Speaking out against our Allies
    Speaking out against the Germans
    Doing anything to defame the President
  • Q10
    In 1919, the Supreme Court in Schenck vs. U.S. upheld the constitutionality of the Espionage Act establishing what doctrine as a legal precedent?
    separate but equal
    “clear and present danger”
    open door”
    “elastic clause”
  • Q11
    The purpose of propaganda in WWI
    To gain support for the war against Germany
    to recruit women to work
    to recruit soldiers
    to give nativist groups a platform
  • Q12
    Who was most responsible for creating propaganda posters in WW1?
    Committee on Public Info
    War Industries Board
    Anti Imperialaist League
    War Labor Board
  • Q13
    How did T Roosevelt feel about trusts and capitalism?
    Capitalism was bad
    Not all trusts were bad and some capitalism was good
    Trusts were good
    He hated both
  • Q14
    What happened in relation to trusts during T Rosevelt's presidency?
    They were expanded
    They were consolidated
    They were broke up
  • Q15
    What was the result of looking to overseas markets for expansion?
    Stricter immigration controls
    Open door policy
    Immigration quotas

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