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  • Q1
    The author included the section "The Superhuman Frontier" to
    inform readers which types of bionics they will receive.
    explain that bionics will do more than replace body parts
    express his uncertainty about the future of bionics
    convince readers that bionic body parts are dangerous
  • Q2
    In paragraph 17, the writer includes a series of questions in order to
    entertain readers with impossible fantasies
    inform readers about what is certain to happen
    express his confusion about the issue to readers
    encourage readers to think deeply about the issue.
  • Q3
    Which idea is supported by information throughout the selection?
    Athletes with bionic body parts will perform better.
    Bionics will improve intelligence and memory.
    Bionics can improve human abilities in many ways.
    Many people with disabilities already benefit from bionics.

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