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Are Mobile Phones Really Dangerous?

Quiz by מיכה נזרי

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8 questions
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  • Q1

    1. What is the "inconvenient truth" The Observer claimed to reveal to its

    readers? (par. 1)

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  • Q2

    1. The evidence of the research is actually more significant than the public is made to believe. (par. 1)

    True or False
  • Q3

    2. The radiation emitted by mobile phones has insufficient power for causing

    electrons to become ions. (par. 3)

    True or False
  • Q4

    1. Cellphones have been represented as dangerous because (par. 2)

    a. they can cause brain tumours

    d. people are aware of the lethal effects of nuclear fall-out

    b. their impact is similar to that of X-rays

    c. any kind of radiation is seen as a health hazard

  • Q5

    2. The reason X-rays can lead to formation of cancerous tumours is that (par. 3)

    d. they are incapable of producing enough energy

    b. they are capable of separating electrons from their atoms

    c. it is impossible for them to transform electrons into ions

    a. they are classified as non-ionizing radiation

  • Q6

    7. The word "those" (par. 5, line 2) refers to

    d. phones

    a. people

    c. animals

    b. doses

  • Q7

    10. The word "solid" (par. 6, line 1) means

    d. pure

    c. valid

    b. continuous

    a. rigid

  • Q8

    12. What connector can best fill in the blank in paragraph 9, line 1?

    b. Similarly

    a. Moreover

    d. Nevertheless

    c. Therefore


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