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Are you a closet entrepreneur?

Quiz by Vini

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    1. You naturally ask --- a lot.
  • Q2
    You like the following
    problem solving and fixing things
    drinking lots of tea
    creating problems
    completing crossword puzzles
  • Q3
    Going to a 9-5 job each day feels like it’s
    the highlight of your life
    crushing your soul
    making a difference
  • Q4
    You have a friend who started a business and you’re finding yourself more
    depressed about your current job
    glad that you stuck to your 9-5
    curious about it than you thought you would be
  • Q5
    You naturally see possibilities, not -----------
  • Q6
    You see failure as getting
    you more motivated to work longer hours
    one step closer to giving up
    one step closer to your desired outcome
  • Q7
    You’re known as
    a chatterbox
    a dog lover
    an idea person
    a mean person
  • Q8
    You thrive on independence and freedom from
    your headteacher
    school children
    marking books

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