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Argumentative Vocab Quiz

Quiz by Vedant Peris [Mack MS]

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    How do we use the word "paraphrase" in a sentence?
    I will "paraphrase" that evidence, or put the text into quotes in my essay.
    I am going to "paraphrase" what the author said, or make the text into my own words.
    I will "paraphrase" those Gucci sunglasses today at the mall.
    I will "paraphrase" one paragraph of five sentences.
  • Q2
    Which sentence correctly "cites" evidence with quotes?
    According to the text, the author said "the whale swam 30 miles out in the cold ocean".
    According to the text, the author said the whale swam 30 miles out in the cold ocean.
    According to the text, the author said, "The whale swam 30 miles out in the cold ocean."
    The whale swam 30 miles out in the cold ocean.
  • Q3
    Which two viewpoints, or perspectives, are completely "opposing" viewpoints?
    1. Escarlet likes hot chips, 2. Daniel likes Takis
    1. Francisco likes food, 2. Preston likes Takis
    1. Jose likes Takis, 2. Angelina doesn't like Takis
    1. Alejandra likes Takis, 2. Estevan likes super hot Takis
  • Q4
    Why do we "paraphrase" or "cite" our evidence?
    So we can have proof! And so we can give credit to the author.
    More words in an essay means that it will be better.
    We need to make our essays boring so they will be good.
    Because Lil Pump says so.
  • Q5
    Why is it important to know how argue with reasons and evidence?
    We need to advocate for our communities, and be critical thinkers.
    Anytime you do something bad you can argue and lie your way out of being in trouble.
    It's fun to be mean and argue with people, as long as you win the argument.
    If you know how to argue then you can make an argument for less work in school and that's the only reason why arguing is good.

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