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Argumentative Writing

Quiz by Aizeyah Ibanez

Grade 10
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    1. What is a hook?

    B. an interesting piece of evidence

    D. a statement that expresses your claim

    A. an interesting introduction that informs the reader about what they will be reading and pulls them in

    C. last sentence

  • Q2

    2. Section of the writing that provides information your reader needs to know to understand your claim such as the history, key terms and explanation of the topic.

    C. Claim

    A. Thesis

    D. Evidence

    B. Background Information

  • Q3

    3. Which of these does not describe a thesis?

    A. It states the main idea or argument of your essay

    B. It describes your topic, what your essay is about

    C. the central point or main idea of an essay

    D. reemphasizes the main points made in your paper

  • Q4

    What do you need in order to make a claim?

    D. facts and reasoning

    C. Introductions and conclusions

    B. Puzzle

    A. questions and answers

  • Q5

    Which is not an example of evidence?

    C. my opinions

    D. research

    A. definitions

    B. facts

  • Q6

    Why do you need reasoning?

    C. You don't need at all.

    A. you need reasoning to explain and justify your claim

    D. it proves you know what you are talking about

    B. because you will win the argument

  • Q7

    7. Refutation is comparing your claim to…

    D. your opponent’s claim

    C. your friend’s claim

    A. your dog’s claim

    B. Google’s claim

  • Q8

    Your conclusion should include:

    A. a summary of the points made

    C. evidence of your reasons

    B. a reflection of why you chose to write what you wrote and how fun it was

    D. why they should like to read

  • Q9

    What is the purpose of a claim?

    B. To show which side of the argument I am on

    D. To summarize the argument

    C. To show why the other side is wrong

    A. To show both sides of an argument

  • Q10

    What is the purpose of a rebuttal?

    A. To introduce what my paper will be about

    B. To prove that the opposing side is wrong

    C To summarize all my ideas

    D. To provide background information


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