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Argumentative Writing Review

Quiz by Angela McConnell

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    In your essay, the claim/thesis is first stated in the...
    First body paragraph
    Counterclaim paragraph
    Conclusion paragraph
    Introduction paragraph
  • Q2
    The counterclaim is the...
    Main focus of the essay
    Opposing viewpoint
  • Q3
    Textual evidence is...
    used to prove your point.
    meant to confuse your reader.
    a waste of time.
    not necessary.
  • Q4
    The point of using "transitions" is to...
    nothing. There is no point.
    help with the flow and organization of your paper.
    to convince the reader you're correct.
    help you find textual evidence.
  • Q5
    A transition one might use for their conclusion could be:
    To sum things up,
    This paper is going to be about...

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