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ARIBA Sourcing

Quiz by Olga Medunova

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    I run ARIBA
    in Teams
    in HEAT
    by the link, it is a cloud solution
    from the App
  • Q2
    The minimum status of Supplier to participate in Sourcing event is
    Not invited
    Does not need to be 'on-board'
  • Q3
    New Sourcing scenarios for bidding are
    Tactical, Strategic
    Tactical, Strategic, Renegotiation, OHS, Savings
    RFx, Tactical, Strategic
    RFx, Bottleneck, Strategic, Routine
  • Q4
    When creating the event you need to
    skip the Rules, invite suppliers, create content, publish
    set the Rules, create suppliers and register, upload the content
    set the Rules, invite suppliers, set the content, publish
  • Q5
    You would use ARIBA for Sourcing, wouldn't you?
    I will think about it tomorrow
    Definitely, I will use Ariba
    No way, it is too complicated
    Yes, depending on the threshold

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