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Articles and Constitution

Quiz by Michele DePasquale

Grade 9-12
Social Studies
New Jersey Student Learning Standards

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Primary purpose for the Articles of Confederation
    Guarantee a Bill of Rights
    Allow for the regulation of trade
    Establish a framework for government
    Provide money for government
  • Q2
    What are the Articles of Confederation?
    justification of the Revolutionary War
    Secession of the South
    plan to organize the colonies
    Reasons to support the Constitution
  • Q3
    Why did the Articles want a weak central government?
    Revenue was not great enough
    Government designed by Declaration
    Experience under a King was not positive
    Strong government was not necessary
  • Q4
    What is an accurate statement of government power under Articles?
    States coined money, collected taxes, and controlled trade.
    Executive branch was more powerful than the other two
    Larger populations had more votes in legislative
    Central government stronger than states
  • Q5
    Criticism of the Articles?
    did not provide enough power to central government
    allowed for new states
    prevent the development of military rule.
    limited presidents power
  • Q6
    Another criticism of the Articles?
    used a draft to raise an army.
    Too much power to the states
    imposed unfair taxes
    provided a strong judicial branch
  • Q7
    A weakness of the Articles
    large states got more votes in Congress
    Too much power to the President
    States could not coin money
    Unable to enforce laws
  • Q8
    The Constitution fixed the Articles by..
    making the states more powerful
    creating three branches of government
    providing states rights
    granting white males the right to vote
  • Q9
    Why did the Constitutional Convention happen?
    Unhappy with the Articles
    Needed a Continental Congress
    Needed a Supreme Court
    Had to debate when it is appropriate to listen to Christmas music.
  • Q10
    The Great Compromise revolved around
    The Judicial Branch
    The Executive Branch
    Representation in Congress
    States Rights
  • Q11
    What was the compromise at the Great Compromise
    Christmas music is allowed whenever you want to listen to it
    9 Supreme Court Justitces
    two presidential candidates
    two senators for each state and number of reps based on population
  • Q12
    The three-fifths compromise deal with the issue of
    rights of accuessed
    representation in the House
    representation of enslaved people
    presidential power
  • Q13
    What branch was shared by both the Articles and the Constitution?
    Political Party System
  • Q14
    The Constitution fixed the Articles by
    increase the power of the states
    providing right to vote to all
    letting the National government tax
    establishing a policy for new states
  • Q15
    The goal of the Constitution
    strengthen the power of the States
    weaken the power of the federal government
    become a monarchy
    give the federal government more power

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